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    Dunn, Samuel
    London : Printed for Robt. Sayer, 1774
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    Divided into its General and Perticuler Parts & Most Hymbly inscrib'd to ye most noble Lord Christopher Martin Count de Degenfeldt Count of ye Holy Roman Empire & Knight of ye most Noble order of ye Black Eagle
    Senex, John ; Degenfeld-Schonburg, Christoph Martin von
    [London] : [Printed for Daniel Brown, Thomas Taylor, John Darby in Bartholomew-Close, John Senex, William Taylor, Joseph Smith, Andrew Johnston engraver, William Bray, Edward Symon], M.DCC.XXI.
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    Heger, Franz Joseph
    London : Printed for WM. Faden, Geogr. to the King, June 1st. 1795
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    containing Westphalia & Lower Saxony including the Electorates of Brunswick Lunenburg or Hannover & Cologne Landgrave of Hesse Duchies Holstein Juliers &c with the Bishopricks of Munster Osnaburg &c : Drawn from the best Authorities and adjusted by Astron.l Observations
    Bowen, Emanuel
    For Mr. Tindal's Continuatiton of Mr. Rapin's History, [London] : [Printed for John and Paul Knapton], MDCCXLV
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